About Us


The Music and Legacy of Toto

Join Past II Present on tour in 2019 for The Music and Legacy of Toto Tour! This unique tour includes all of your favorite Toto hits such as "Africa", "Hold The Line", "Stop Loving You" and more. The RF live experience also features various hit songs that were written by Toto members and recorded by other successful music artist such as Michael Jackson, The Tubes, Steely Dan, George Benson, Boz Scaggs and more! With over 30 years experience as professional singers/musicians you will encounter a masterful recreation of the music we all love while telling the backstories of their moments together and the rich history and influence that Toto has brought to the world of music. 


The Band

Past II Present is The Optimum Toto Tribute Band recapturing The Memories, The Moments and The Music somewhere in time reliving the journey full circle. This band is for the music lover in us all. Everyone has a memory and a song that will take you somewhere back in time. Our goal is to relive that moment with you! Come, take a moment and let's relive a few of our favorite memories through this force called music! Our musical story blends rock, acoustic melodies, and electronic to create a unique, diverse sound. The songs are personal and inspired by our own moments, memories and musical journeys. Through a love of music and a passion for creating moments, we share a common thread:  To create those memories that will forever be etched in our souls


Our Story!

Although, geographically from the same general area, Dale, Dana, Ward, Rusty, Jeff and Clay grew up in very different families with eclectic musical influences. Through connected friendships, the guys over the years would perform in several bands where their paths would frequently cross. Now, seasoned musicians from all different paths in the music industry, the band has reunited to begin a new musical journey.